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Easy chocolate cake (and it’s not from a box!) March 4, 2010

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I always put any uneaten bananas in my freezer because that way when I want to make banana bread, I don’t have to go to the store and try to find bananas that are ripe enough.  I just have to take a couple out, thaw them, and then I’ve got the beginnings of yummy banana bread.  So the other night when I wanted to make banana bread, I figured I’d be good to go.  I had the bananas, the flour, the sugar, the chocolate… but I didn’t have plain yogurt! (which this particular recipe calls for).  And it was after dinner, and I didn’t really feel like putting shoes on and going to the store just for some plain yogurt.  But at this point I had already gotten myself in the mood for baking something, so I went looking through my recipe tin to see what I could come up with.  And found an easy recipe for chocolate cake.  Score!  Easy and chocolate.  And the recipe said it freezes well.  I decided to use cake flour in place of the all-purpose, even though I’d never made it before, just to see how it would turn out.  It came out pretty good!  (but apparently I should have subbed an extra couple tablespoons of the cake flour for the all-purpose – I found that out today when I was looking for the difference between cake and all-purpose flour.  oops.)

Just a few more notes… Maybe because I used cake flour instead of all-purpose (or maybe I’m just paranoid that my cake is never done) but I ended up baking it for about 40-43 minutes.  I started with 35, and then kept adding a few minutes.  I also only had miniature chocolate chips on hand, so I used those.  They made a little crust on top, which is good, but I think the regular chocolate chips would have been better.  All in all, though, I thought this was pretty close to that light, fluffy, moist cake you get from a box mix – except better :).  And with a chocolate chip ‘frosting.’