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Cooking with Renee July 10, 2010

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I made dinner with one of my friends the other night because she wanted to make Chicken Cordon Bleu but didn’t know how.  Neither did I, really, but I’d eaten it before, and I knew the general principle, and how hard could it be, really??  So I got all the stuff we needed, she came over, and we cooked!  We made the chicken, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli. It was all very yummy (and I didn’t get any pictures so there are no visuals) and it was good girl time!  We also watched ‘The young Victoria,’ which was really good if you haven’t seen it.

We started with the chicken – pounded it out like the recipe said – and got all the coating stuff ready.  Then I decided that maybe we should get to the potatoes because sometimes those take longer than I think they should.  So we left the chicken, peeled and cut the potatoes and got them going, then went back to the chicken.  I didn’t have any plastic wrap, so when it says to pound the chicken in between 2 pieces of plastic wrap, well, I didn’t do that :).  Which probably made rolling it up a little more difficult.   Which possibly made coating the pieces in the panko more difficult.  Oh well.  It still tasted yummy!  It took longer to cook than the 20-25 minutes the recipe says.  Maybe we didn’t pound it thin enough?  Or maybe I just need to get a meat thermometer.  And the broccoli… I don’t think I’ve roasted broccoli, but let me just say – it was good.  You should make this recipe.  Alton Brown knows his stuff.  Broccoli + olive oil + garlic + panko + cheddar cheese = wicked good!