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Almost there!! … January 26, 2015

Filed under: Whole30 — F. Penner @ 7:56 PM

I’m on my last week of the Whole30 – hurray!! Now that I’m almost done, I kind of feel like this is totally doable again, and it wasn’t really all that bad, etc. I’ve made it through eating out once and two baby showers, including making a few things for the one. It was really difficult to keep myself from licking my fingers if I got a little fruit dip or cookie batter on them when I was making stuff for the last shower. And it’s been even harder not to munch on one of the leftover cookies – I meant to bring them to work today so they’d be out of the house, but then I left them on my kitchen counter so they’re still there, taunting me. Good times … I did make a pretty yummy Whole30-compliant fruit dip with walnuts and dates that I brought with me so I didn’t feel too left out. However, it’s not really a comparable substitute for cream cheese & Fluff.

I decided to go simple this week for breakfast, so I’ve got hardboiled eggs chopped up with a tomato and a small sausage patty. I’d like to keep up having more protein in my breakfast after I’m done, but preferably with minimal work, and this seemed like a good option to try while I’m still doing the Whole30. I also made blueberry banana muffins as a second breakfast option – they’re okay. I think I liked the muffins I made last week better – they were more muffin-like. The banana ones were just a little too dense and disappointingly not really like banana bread (as I had hoped they would be). I opted for a couple of simpler lunch/dinner options as well. I made some creamy chicken soup that’s all right – but can I just say how much easier the Crockpot makes cooking? I don’t know why I haven’t been using it this whole month – I didn’t spend my entire Sunday afternoon in my kitchen cooking! Not that I’ve minded cooking any of the recipes I’ve made (just occasionally having to keep eating them), but I do seem to have a penchant for making the more involved ones … I also decided to try these ‘burrito bowls’. They’re also okay – they’d be better with cheese and some Tostitoes. Soon … 😀

Speaking of ‘soon’ … I honestly hadn’t really given much thought to the reintroduction of all the foods I’ve been abstaining from other than ‘I really want pizza when I’m done’ (or a bagel with cream cheese, or whatever). Obviously I knew I shouldn’t add them all back in at the same time (I think I’d feel wicked crappy for many days if I did that!), but I was talking with one of the other girls doing this with me on Sunday and she mentioned their reintroduction plan, so I took a look through when I got home. It makes sense to add things back in one at a time, but I also kind of want to just not care and go back to eating more ‘normally.’ I guess it’s a good chance to see if anything was actually bothering me before, and it will help me ease into a better eating plan. So I’m going to hopefully find time this week to figure out my plan for the first couple of weeks being done with the Whole30, and will probably still be bringing my own food to social events for the first couple weeks of February. *sigh*


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