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Halfway there!! January 16, 2015

Filed under: Whole30 — F. Penner @ 6:32 PM

Today is day 15, which means I’m halfway done my Whole30!! I’ve been dreaming about what my first meal should be when I’m done… A bagel with cream cheese? It’ll be a Sunday, which means I’ll be at church, and we’ve got wicked good bagels. Or maybe I’ll have eggs for breakfast but splurge on lunch or dinner and get myself a pizza. Or maybe I’ll do what’s probably the smart thing and ease my way back into dairy & grains… Regardless, I’m looking forward to being able to not be quite so nit-picky about my food.

I had today off from work, so I finally made it to Linvilla to check out their produce. I got all the veggies I need for next week for $15!!! I’m wicked excited about that, and am wondering why I’ve never taken advantage of their 50% off veggies during the winter in the 6 or so years I’ve lived near them. They’re 10 minutes away, maybe less. Well, now I know better!

I was going to make breakfast ‘cupcakes’ this week, where you take pieces of lunch meat, put them in a cupcake tin, and fill them with eggs and veggies (and cheese if you’re not avoiding dairy). And I discovered that, similar to bacon, there. is. no. Whole30 compliant lunchmeat in the pre-packaged section. Every single option in my Whole Foods had sugar and carrageenan. I’m not sure why carrageenan isn’t allowed since it’s from seaweed, which I kind of take to mean it should be healthy somehow, but it’s not, so I didn’t get any lunch meat. I realized after I got home and did some searching that I could have asked at their deli counter and gotten compliant lunch meat, so I may do that over the weekend at some point, but seriously – what’s with all the added sugar, America?? Not that we’re the only country with these kinds of products, but why does smoked turkey need to have sugar in it?? Or roast beef?? I also realized while doing my research on lunch meat that I should have been paying attention to the chicken stock I bought from Trader Joe’s the other week – it has cane sweetener and barley malt. Grrr!! I just want to eat real, healthy food! I don’t need or want added sugar in the majority of non-dessert foods I consume. Maybe – just maybe! – this is a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. What do I know, though? I’m just a librarian who really didn’t care a whole lot for science in general when I was in school… Of course, being a librarian means I have easy access to books like Salt sugar fat – I won’t get into it, but this is a really good read about the processed food industry. *end mini-rant*

For the record, no, I’m not starting over per the official Whole30 rules. The two friends I’m doing this with agree that I shouldn’t. Sorry, Whole30 people, I understand what you’re trying to do with your program, and I think it’s great (or I wouldn’t be attempting it). However, I can’t do this for 45 days instead of 30, especially when this wasn’t a conscious decision to cheat. (I intentionally did not have a piece of buffalo chicken pizza on Tuesday – and it’s good pizza!) I miss cheese and milk & cereal and hot chocolate. Plus I want my food budget to be back in its normal range. I will, however, make my own stock and/or read my labels even more carefully than I already am for the remainder of this. And should I decide to do another Whole30, I’ll be better prepared. Meanwhile, I’m going to console myself by eating a salad with homemade ranch dressing and binge-watching Doctor Who…


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