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Random thoughts January 12, 2015

Filed under: Whole30 — F. Penner @ 5:25 PM

I keep using all my free time at weekends to prep for the next week of this. I worked Saturday, so I had less time than I normally would have this weekend, but I still managed to make: Scotch eggs for breakfast, mayo and then dairy-free ranch dressing, a beef-plantain casserole and part of another meal. (I basically spent all of Sunday after church in my kitchen to get this done). I’ve got tonight to make some more apple chips and I think one or two other things, and then my cooking is done for the week! I’ve still got lots of Larabars from last week – coconut and chocolate – and some almonds and compliant dried cherries. Otherwise, pretty much all of my snacks for the week are fruit and veggies. I’ve still got hummus left, so I’m hoping it’s safe to keep (and eat) for another week. I’ve read a couple of blogs over the years by people who feel very strongly that leftovers in general should only be kept for 4 days or so, but that’s never really been practical for me. I also eat raw cookie dough – I like to live dangerously… 😛

I just want to say that homemade breakfast sausage tastes sooo!! much better than store-bought. Not much of a surprise, really, but I may never go back to store-bought. (Okay, I probably will for convenience’ sake at some point…) And the Scotch eggs are really good… I mainly used this recipe for the sausage (only doubling the quantities) but I had this recipe pinned as well, and ended up sort of combining the two. I mixed up the sausage Saturday night so the flavors would set in overnight. I don’t know if it’s really necessary to do that, but I like to think it makes the meat taste better. I would definitely make these for breakfast again, although I want to figure out how to keep them from bursting open as they cook. I guess I just didn’t pinch the meat together tightly enough when I was wrapping the eggs. And they are traditionally deep-fried, so maybe the baking made them come apart? Whatever… They taste good regardless, I just like things to look nice.

I’ve had one or two people ask me if I feel any differently since I started doing this. I’d have to say that so far, I really don’t… I have gotten a couple of headaches this last week, and I normally don’t, so it’s possible that they’re a result of not eating any sugar. However, I also haven’t been getting enough sleep, and I prefer to blame them on that instead. I’m guessing any major difference I feel will end up being when I’m done and start eating grains and sugar and milk again. I hope I don’t end up with some kind of intolerance to any of these things, but I’ll deal with that if I have to. I do miss the option to have hot chocolate since it’s been so cold outside (and it’s also always frigid at work). I mean, there’s tea, which has been fine without sugar or milk, but I’ve also only been drinking herbal tea. And I can only drink so much tea in a day before I’m tired of it. I haven’t been brave enough to try any black tea or coffee yet. I don’t need a ton of sugar in either (typically a teaspoon or two), but I like my black teas and my coffee with some milk or cream, and coconut milk/cream just isn’t the same. I’ll probably cave at some point and see if I can stand drinking coffee with coconut cream and no sugar. You can apparently put butter in your coffee, along with ‘brain oil’ (??) and it’s better than cream & sugar… I’m a tad skeptical, though – I’ll probably never do this myself, but I’d be willing to sample someone else’s!


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