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Ready? Set… Go! January 2, 2015

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Since yesterday was a holiday, I used it as my shopping and partial prep day for this insanity that I’ve decided to participate in. I still can’t believe I willingly gave up yogurt, cheese, bread, cookies, pasta, and store-bought salad dressing! (just to name a few…) I’m trying looking at this more as a challenge instead of a restrictive diet, which will hopefully make it more fun and interesting for me over the next month. I generally enjoy finding new recipes and planning my menu for the week, and I’ve got a decent amount of Whole30 ideas & recipes pinned. However, I made a casserole as one of my meals for the week with spaghetti squash and ground beef, and it just felt wrong not to include cheese in it!! Fortunately, it tastes good, so I’ll be okay.

In planning everything, I had to take into consideration the fact that I tend to snack my way through the morning, especially when I’m at work (essentially I eat like a hobbit – 2nd breakfast, elevensies…). I made sure to get lots of fruits and veggies for my snacks – and I made some coconut Larabars.


I had gotten some dates before Christmas just to try them, since I’d only ever had them in bar form (with butter and flour and maybe a crumb topping…). They’re wicked sweet on their own – more so than some candy! So I decided to try making Larabars with them. They were a bit of a pain to make, since my food processor kept pushing everything up and to one side, and spinning through air instead – and I eventually decided that a) I need to pre-chop the almonds next time, and b) I’d deal with the occasional whole almond because I was tired of fiddling around with it all! But they taste good – I’m 2 for 2 so far with new recipes! And I still have some dates left, so I’m going to try another recipe – possibly something with cocoa powder…

I discovered a couple of things while shopping that maybe I should have known, but having never tried to purchase meat without any sugar, I was unaware of. First of all, sugarless bacon is wicked expensive (at least at Whole Foods – and really, why was I surprised by that?), and you only get 8 oz in a package. Also, it seems like 99 % of all ham and bacon products – even the humanely/consciously raised, etc. ones – have all been cured with sugar (and other stuff), and the Whole30 doesn’t allow any sugar except fruit or 100 % fruit juice… The only sugarless option for ham/bacon/Canadian bacon was the one I ended up getting, and as I said – it was pricy!! Since I’d already planned my meals (and don’t think well on my feet, aka, standing in Whole Foods staring at all the bacon and Canadian bacon options), I bit the bullet and bought expensive, sugarless bacon – but will make it a one-time thing. As an aside, sugarless bacon tastes pretty much the same as regular bacon, so why can’t sugarless be the norm? Unless it’s maple-flavored bacon, does bacon really need sugar?

I ended my day with some leek & potato soup for dinner that was pretty good, but needed something like a nice chewy piece of bread to go with it.  I suppose I should try to stop that kind of thinking early on, or I’ll probably make my life more difficult (something I excel at in general…) – but seriously, a pureed soup needs something chewy or crunchy to go with it!  And then I wanted something sweet after dinner, so I settled on a nice cup of herbal tea with some coconut milk – no sugar added, of course. I may make my way through most of my tea stash this month…

Overall, I’d say day 1 went fairly well. I’m pretty sure sometime next week I’ll really be wishing for a piece of chocolate or a grilled cheese sandwich, but I realized today how much I fill myself up with carbs like muffins, bread, cookies. And now I get to fill up on fruits & veggies & proteins – a healthier option, to be sure, but not always quite as tasty…


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