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A new year (and a new start, of sorts) December 30, 2014

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So!… It’s been a while…  But I figured since I had this blog already set up, I should use it to chronicle my Whole30 experience.  A couple of friends and I are doing this for the month of January – I don’t think I’d be doing this if I weren’t doing it with at least one other person!  One of the girls has already done one Whole30, and wanted to do another one – so she convinced me and another friend to join her for it.  The creators of the Whole30 describe it as “a short-term nutritional reset,” which sounds appealing to me after eating way! too many cookies and candy this Christmas.  I haven’t read their book yet, but the website is pretty comprehensive.  Basically, you avoid all grains, all dairy (except clarified butter/ghee), all legumes (except green peas and snap peas) and all sugar other than naturally-occurring sugar found in fruit or 100 % fruit juice.  I’ve never been particularly concerned about how much dairy or how many grains I consume generally, but I do want to “detox” myself from processed sugar, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this will change my attitude towards all thing dessert.

I’ve already gone through Pinterest multiple times looking for Whole30-approved/compliant recipes, and while there are a bunch I’d probably make even if I weren’t doing this, there are also several I’m looking forward to trying (Plantain nachos, anyone??). I’m also kind of mentally prepping to eat variations on bacon and eggs for breakfast. I typically have cereal, muffins or smoothies – and while I found a couple of Whole30-compliant recipes for granola and quick breads, making substitutions like that is frowned upon. Meanwhile, I’m making the most of the next couple of days and enjoying things like yogurt, grilled cheese, and more Christmas cookies 🙂 I wonder if it’s a bad thing to be looking forward to my first slice of pizza when I’m done with this…