Taste and see …

My first-ever blog! :) February 21, 2010

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My co-worker has told me on numerous occasions that I should start a food blog, because apparently my lunch tends to smell good.  So here it is – my blog.  Where you can read all about the yummy (and probably not-so-yummy) stuff I’m making.  And maybe I’ll throw some other stuff in occasionally… like how excited I am to be going to Easter in the Park ’10! 🙂  Yes, I know Easter is like, 5 weeks away – and there’s still snow on the ground from the double blizzard everyone and their mom was hit with a couple of weeks ago.  But there was Easter candy in stores a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, so I figure it’s perfectly all right for me to be excited about Easter.  Anyway – welcome to my blog!  I hope it’s at least somewhat entertaining… 😛


5 Responses to “My first-ever blog! :)”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Yay, Fran! I’m expecting a fabulous Christmas post with all your delicious gourmet Christmas cookies. 🙂 See you’re not doing badly at all looking forward to Easter…I’m already looking forward to Christmas!

  2. charlie Says:

    what’s with the “34”?

  3. charlie Says:

    verse 8

    • Frances Says:

      you like my double meaning? 🙂 actually, I was just going to have ‘taste and see’ but apparently that was already taken… I figured adding the reference on was an easy way to differentiate it

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